Our Designers

Bryn Walker
A nice collection of yummy fabrics and good colors. Moderately priced. We can all count on Bryn’s designs. Cottons, corduroys, linens and cashmeres. All easy care. Another great San Francisco designer!

Comfy knows that Collected Works is the perfect venue for their designs.  They insisted that we carry their line...and we're glad they did!

Cut Loose
Lovely, casual American-made. Nicely priced, good designs, and comfortable fabrics. We all need lots of Cutloose in our closets!

The colors on Firefly jewelry are magnificent.  Handcrafted with intricate designs and Swarovski crystals.  This line will light up any face and any outfit.

Is the proverbial Collected Works style: Relaxed, great natural fibers, easy-wear, easy-care. Summer goes great with Flax.
Gersham Bram
A top European designer.  We are never disappointed with the innovation of this line.Typically a generous fit.
I C Collection
I.C.  has such a variety of interesting designs and fabrics.  We are always excited to get a shipment from them.  This line is easy to wear but quite extraordinary in its European, one-of-a-kind styling.  Our customers always want to be called whenever I .C. comes in.  I. C. Collection is made in the USA!

How darn cute is this line!  It will make you smile. always changing and based on sheer whimsy.

Lee Andersen
Lee Andersen is, perhaps, Collected Works most delicious designer! This beautifully-detailed collection is truly wearable art.

This is our go-to line for moms of the bride or groom because these pieces are treasures that celebrate special occasions.

We can order this line from Small through 3X.

Luna Luz
This line is visually delightful.  Cotton and comfortable.  Wearing  Luna Luz will make heads turn.  

Just in a new linen collection from Luna.
Relaxed and easy, but very fashion-forward.  A great little line.

Niche Clothing
It was love at first sight for Irene and Niche! The attention to detail in this line makes me tear up. This is a designer who so gets women's bodies, that just an extra seam can put the garment on a new level and so flatter our figures. Made in the USA.

No Blue/
Breakfast in Tokyo
Irene loves No Blu and wears it all the time! The cotton pucker collection is so much fun, easy to wear, simple to wash and easy to travel with. San Francisco designer Alex loves her craft and it shows.

Comfortable and flattering, we love this Canadian line. Fabulous color choices. Limitless possibilities. A great travel line. You will not believe how good this easy fabric makes you look! We have everyday and special-occasion collections. We put Sympli in the store in ’05 but did not have the room to do the line justice. While we were designing our new space we were dreaming of Sympli and could not wait to have it be a part of our collections.

Teresa Goodall
Baubles, bangles and beads. There is nothing like Teresa Goodall’s jewelry. We are so happy to have this collection in our cases. Some of our customers collect these wonderful, whimsical pieces. Hand-made in Minnesota.

We brought California-made Tianello to Ann Arbor decades ago and are still very fond of this line. I think we will always carry their tencel collection. It is the best. We do know, however, that there is always something new up their sleeve; that makes us happy.

Irene loves the luxury of this line.  You can never have too much silk in your closet.  Relaxed fit and easy care.  We have customers who wear URU to shop at the farmer's market and customers who wear URU to special events; the line is that versatile and addicting!